Yuboto Email Account

Receive Email on any mobile phone via SMS.

Receive Gmail, Hotmail or any other Email account as SMS on any mobile phone without the need of an internet connection. If you are in a remote area, where no internet is available, then Yuboto Email Account is all you need to stay in touch with anybody.

Create a special email account with Yuboto that converts every email received to SMS and delivers it to your mobile phone.

Create filters in your favorite email accounts and forward important emails that you wish to receive SMS alerts for, to this Yuboto Email Account. Everytime your forwarding rule is met, you will receive an SMS notification in your mobile phone.

Getting Started:

  1. Register and at least activate Yuboto Email Account.
  2. Create one or more Yuboto Email Accounts.
  3. Buy Credits.
  4. Forward your favorite Email Accounts to your new Yuboto Email Account. You can use filters to only forward specific Email messages that are important to you.
  5. Email to SMS will only use up to 5 concatenated SMS. In case your email message is larger than this, it will be truncated. If you need to send large emails even with attachments please check Email to MMS

Yuboto Email Account will enable you to:

  • Receive Email on old mobile phones or where there is no 3G or wifi coverage
  • Send Email replies as SMS using SMS to Email

Send SMS from any pc, email client or application.
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Forward Gmail, Hotmail or any other Email account to your mobile via SMS .
Receive Email via SMS | Send Email via SMS