Web to SMS

Send SMS from any PC connected to the Internet

WebSMS allows you to send text messages to any mobile phone internationally from any pc connected to the internet. Simply login to your account, upload your contacts, create your message and send it in no time!

Set the sender name of the SMS to match your company name, and receive a delivery report for every SMS you send.

Network portability is 100% supported so everybody will receive their message even if they ported their number to a different network.

Getting Started with WebSMS:

  1. Register for free and create your account in Yuniverse.
  2. Log in and Upload your Contacts.
  3. Buy Credits.
  4. Prepare your message and send your SMS Campaign.
  5. Receive delivery reports for every SMS attempted.

WebSMS will enable you to:

  • Communicate with thousands of people in a matter of minutes.
  • Import and validate your contact lists.
  • Organize your contacts in groups using the provided phonebook.
  • Schedule your campaigns for future deliver.
  • Create Personalized campaigns for better results and higher ROI.
  • Automatically clean contacts database if message has been attempted before and it was not delivered.

Send SMS from any pc, email client or application.
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Forward Gmail, Hotmail or any other Email account to your mobile via SMS .
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